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Dr. Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate:

Post-Communist Eastern Europe, The Rule of Law, Protection of Property Rights and Privatization




Natasha Srdoc, MBA


Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy

Co-Founder and Co-Chair, International Leaders Summit






Natasha Srdoc received her Master's in Business Administration degree (MBA), magna cum laude from Bentley University's McCallum Graduate School of Business, Waltham, Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA (2001-2003), and her Bachelor's of Science degree in Economics from the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, Rijeka, Croatia.  


In 2003, Srdoc led the efforts to launch Croatia's first independent free market think and advance free market initiatives in Croatia and Southeast Europe.  A group of advisors and leaders from business, media and think tanks were recruited to launch the Adriatic Institute and the International Leaders Summit.  Through the efforts of Adriatic Institute, Srdoc launched The Adriatic Business Council that consists of entrepreneurs and private companies focused on advancing market reforms based on the rule of law.  Srdoc also recruited the region’s leading diaspora in the United States to engage in the region’s reform initiatives.

Srdoc is the co-founder and co-chair of the International Leaders Summit - a unique platform bringing together successful reformers, free market proponents, entrepreneurs and joined by business, media and political leaders to advance pro-growth reform initiatives and principled solutions. Through Srdoc and Anand Samy's vision, the International Leaders Summit (ILS), a transatlantic initiative which focuses on building synergy in advancing pro-growth policies and strengthening security has held six annual events in venues including the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia. Strategic ILS economic roundtable events have been held in Belgrade, Prague, Rijeka, Warsaw, Washington, DC and Zagreb

For five years, Srdoc was regular contributor to The Economist Group's Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)Her monthly reports published by The Economist Intelligence Unit covered Croatia’s annual report, economic and political overview and monthly contributions on the state of Croatia’s economy.  The monthly reports were included in EIU’s research products for investors, business, media and government leaders.


Srdoc has been speaking and presenting the urgency for a strengthened rule of law, protection of property rights and free market initiatives in Croatia and southeast Europe. She has spoken at events and conferences in Europe and the United States hosted by The Heritage Foundation, Institute of Economic Affairs, The Reason Foundation, Columbia University, Patrick Henry College and other think tanks, universities and organizations.  Srdoc participated in a debate event co-hosted by Roger Helmer, MEP, UK at The European Parliament in Brussels in October 2006 that focused on Croatia's judiciary and the state of Croatia's economy.  Srdoc's interviews, articles and commentaries have been published  in Europe and the United States through The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The New York Times, Swiss-based Le Temps, EUobserver, media in the Balkan region and global broadcast media including BBC, Radio France International, Washington, DC-based C-SPAN and SE Europe's regional and local media.


Srdoc has briefed elected officials in Europe and the US including US Senators, US Members of Congress, Members of Parliament, UK, and Members of the European Parliament on issues ranging from the Balkans, economic reforms and effective strategies to combat corruption in eastern Europe.  Srdoc has also participated in strategic meetings and briefed prime ministers within Europe and senior administration officials in The White House, Washington, DC, European and specificially, southeast European affairs.


Srdoc co-authored a book with Joel Anand Samy for Croatia and southeast Europe titled "Flat Tax - The Case for Tax Reform".  Srdoc’s efforts in advancing the flat tax resulted in eastern Europe’s policymakers and reformers using Srdoc’s Flat Tax book when applying the specific tax reform.  Srdoc’s articles on the flat tax and tax reform have been translated into the languages of Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Russian and the languages of the Balkan region.  


Natasha Srdoc is a contributor to the Swiss-based daily business newspaper, Le Temps.


Srdoc speaks in fluent in the following languages of Croatian, English, German and Italian.






Joel Anand Samy

Joel Anand Samy



Co-Founder and Trustee, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy and

Co-Founder and Co-Chair, International Leaders Summit




Joel Anand Samy is the co-founder and co-chairman of the International Leaders Summit - a unique platform bringing together successful reformers, free market proponents, entrepreneurs and joined by business, media and political leaders to advance pro-growth reform initiatives and principled solutions. Through Anand Samy’s vision, the International Leaders Summit (ILS) which focuses on building synergy among like minded leaders and effecting positive change has held five annual events in venues including the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, Ljubljana, Slovenia (co-hosted by Prime Minister Janez Jansa of Slovenia) and Zagreb, Croatia and strategic ILS economic roundtable events in Belgrade, Prague and Warsaw.

In 2004, Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy co-founded the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy committed to advancing economic freedom in the Balkan region.  Through Anand Samy and Srdoc’s leadership, the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy has engaged in a robust endeavor to promote the foundation of the rule of law, judicial reforms, protection of property rights and combating corruption and organized crime in the post-communist and post-war Balkan region.  The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy was listed in the January 2009 issue of Foreign Policy’s 2008 Global Survey of Think Tanks - a studyof the University of Pennsylvaniaas Southeastern Europe’s top think tank, Eastern Europe's top 25 and one of the 407 most influential think tanks in the world out of a group consisting of 5,500 think tanks in nearly 170 countries.

Anand Samy spearheaded a private initiative that supported emergency relief and economic projects as well as strategic reconciliation endeavors in conflict regions including Asia, Africa and the Balkan region. His fact-finding mission to Kosovo in September of 1998 regarding the plight of ethnic Kosovar Albanians in the former Yugoslavia was highlighted in US media and led to meetings in Washington, DC with US Senators and members of Congress. Anand Samy supported Lady Thatcher's leadership role in advocating for the independence of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia and the suitable case for intervention in the Balkans.  In 1996, he initiated two documentaries in partnership with an ABC affiliate in Michigan and developed a special week-long news feature on Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia's Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

After the Dayton Peace Accords were signed in 1995, Anand Samy's vision led World Development and Empowerment to augment a major endeavor in the former Yugoslavia specifically in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina including rebuilding an orphanage in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and promoting economic reforms in the post-war region.

During the 1990's, Joel Anand Samy was involved in the State of Michigan's welfare reform initiatives working with reform proponents and the office of Michigan Governor John Engler that later became a national model for the United States.   He advised members of the US Senate and House of Representatives in preparing the Welfare Reform Bill that was signed into law in 1996.

Anand Samy initiated and developed the "One More Mission" Project to Vietnam (1992-1993) in partnership with Zondervan/Harper Collins Publishers and International Aid. The One More Mission publishing and video project highlighted former Vietnam Veteran's return to Vietnam. One More Mission was co-authored by Dr. David Roth, former public affairs officer to General Colin Powell.

As Vice President of Jonathan and David, Anand Samy also served as Treasurer/Trustee of The Jonathan and David Foundation, a private foundation.  His efforts at the Jonathan and David Foundation led to implementing new educational, medical assistance and micro-financing projects in South Asia.  Anand Samy also led the marketing communications and advertising activities as senior executive at Zondervan - HarperCollins Publishers, a division of News Corporation.

In the business arena Anand Samy served as President of an internet based travel company, senior marketing executive to Harley Wagner Marketing Communications, and vice president of marketing of the start-up Tickets Plus, Inc.

Anand Samy has been featured on CNN and the affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. His interviews and commentaries have appeared in the Detroit Free Press, The Economist, The European Voice, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and USA Today and regional media in Eastern Europe including Business HR, Finance (Slovenia), Nacional, B92 Radio, and media groups in Poland, Serbia and Slovakia.

In 2005 Anand Samy and Natasha Srdoc co-authored "The Flat Tax - The Case for Tax Reform". Anand Samy speaks to audiences in Europe and the United States on the significance of advancing economic freedom, strengthening security and expanding trade.