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Dr. Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate:

Post-Communist Eastern Europe, The Rule of Law, Protection of Property Rights and Privatization


What are leaders saying about the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy?

In support of the Adriatic Institute:

"Croatia and Eastern Europe can benefit from the exposure to the fresh air of free market thinking and the experience of other formerly communist states in the region."

Dr. Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"The Adriatic Institute is very focused and has a clear vision for the future of Croatia, a vision based on the rule of
law, private property and a market economy. I applaud the founders in bringing such ideas to the attention of opinion
leaders. This is a highly leveraged strategy, which will in the long run bring huge returns."
John Blundell, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs,
London, UK

"I warmly endorse and support the work of the Adriatic Institute in shedding light and understanding on developments in Croatia and the West Balkan region. This area lies at the heart of the Europe of the future and the Institute plays a major role in guiding our thinking about its future."

Lord David Howell

The Right Honorable Lord Howell of Guildford is a former Secretary of State for Energy and for Transport in the UK Government (Lady Thatcher's Cabinet) and an economist and journalist . Currently he is the House of Lords Deputy Leader of the Opposition, and Foreign Affairs Spokesman.

"The Adriatic Institute has made the flat tax the centerpiece of its program to promote economic reform in Croatia.
Its plan for a 15 percent flat tax would help to place Croatia at the forefront of global investors. It would signal
that Croatia is serious about putting its economic and fiscal house in order, providing incentives and opportunities to
attract investment, put the country on a path of sustained high growth, and create well-paid jobs.
It is with great pleasure that I have participated in the first two International Leaders Summits held by the Adriatic
Institute in Zagreb in 2004 and 2005, and serve on its Academic Advisory Board. I want to commend the ideas put
forth to all Croatians and encourage the widest possible consideration of the flat tax and free market ideas presented
by the Adriatic Institute."
Dr. Alvin Rabushka, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA and Senior Advisor to President Ronald Reagan's Tax Policy Task Force

"The work of the Adriatic Institute in promoting market based solutions to the challenges of economic reform are to
applauded. The Institute is having a positive impact on the policy debate in Croatia, helping to frame the policy dialogue in growth friendly terms. Croatia's path of transition has been long and marked with many challenges, by embracing more efficient means of taxation and harnessing the potential of the private sector as an engine of growth, Croatia can emerge
as the leading engine of prosperity for the Balkan region."
Dr. John Sullivan, President, Center for International Private Enterprise, Washington, DC, USA

"Adriatic Institute for Public Policy is the first Croatian free market think tank, a key organization for monitoring
transition and advocating free market reforms in Croatia, a nation with a socialistic past that needs a free market
economy and fully developed democratic institutions. This is one of the most vivid examples of how individuals in a
free society should organize and express their opinions in this modern Internet era.  The strategies of the Adriatic Institute reveal a civil and effective process in influencing Croatia's government and parliament to introduce the flat tax, flexible labor market, pension reforms, legal and ethical privatization and other public policies. This will help to build a free society and free market economy in Croatia.  Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy - Croatia is fortunate to have you leading this movement."
Matt Sertich, President/CEO, Applied Ceramics, Silicon Valley, California, USA 

 "Liberty, free markets and civil society are gaining ground the world over, in large measure because of the work of
organizations devoted to advancing the principles behind them. To the growing list of such groups, it is an honor to
welcome the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy. Croatia will benefit greatly from the positive solutions it offers to
the pressing problems of the day. All Croatians should be proud of the fact that this new institute is already making a
positive impact far beyond Croatia."

Lawrence W. Reed, President,
Foundation for Economic Education, New York, USA


 "Croatia will benefit from the free market principles and persistence of the people at The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy."

 David Nott, President of Reason Foundation and The Reason Magazine, Los Angeles, California, USA


"The Adriatic Institute has placed free market ideas on the agenda and is winning a hearing from them in government and through the media.  The Adriatic Institute plays a role as a regional think tank, as well as a Croatian one.  It deserves to succeed in this vital task."  

John Willman, Business Editor, The Financial Times, London, United Kingdom

"Yet one rising star of Croatian politics points to deeper systemic malignancies beyond such familiar concerns over the fiscal problems of a modern welfare state (including a 20% unemployment rate in Croatia). Natasha Srdoc, founder and chair of the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy (AI), is a compelling figure if only because she’s also directly addressing what is now a top-priority initiative for global regulators: anticorruption."

Richard Levick, Contributor, Forbes