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Croatia: Corruption, Organized Crime and the Balkan Route
By Katelyn Foster, Research Associate, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy



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Natasha Srdoc, Chairman and Co-Founder, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy 

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The Unfinished Work of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Advancing the Rule of Law 

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The Balkans’ $111.6 Billion in Illicit Financial Outflows (2001-2010) Hemorrhages the Region’s Treasuries and Exposes Western Nations to Financial Risks

Global Financial Integrity's Clark Gascoigne and Raymond Baker with Adriatic Institute's Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy

“As GFI’s previous research indicates, the Balkans region is losing a tremendous amount of money in illicit financial outflows each year,” said Raymond Baker, President of GFI.  “Illicit capital flight undermines economic development, exacerbates income inequality, fosters corruption, and reduces tax revenues.  Large illicit outflows from Southeastern Europe have serious consequences not just for Sofia and Sarajevo, but for Brussels and Berlin as well.  We are excited to be partnering with the Adriatic Institute to delve more deeply into the topic and give the issue the serious thought and attention it deserves.”

“The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy is pleased to form this strategic partnership with Global Financial Integrity and launch a new study into the Balkans’ illicit financial outflows since 1991,” said Natasha Srdoc, Chairman, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy. “We seek to encourage ongoing efforts to curtail and correct the problems that have led to such massive financial drainages.  This study is crucial for the sixty-four million citizens in the Balkans who have grown poorer by the day and for Western nations, especially EU member states’ taxpayers, who can significantly reduce their financial exposure in the region.”

Balkans lose billions to crime and corruption  - SETimes

Huge losses have a serious economic impact on the region and contribute to crime, terrorism and security concerns, experts said.

Balkan gubi milijarde zbog kriminala i korupcije - Voice of America, Washington, DC

Stručnjaci kažu da golemi gubici imaju ozbiljne ekonomske posljedice u regiji te pridonose problemima kriminala, terorizma i sigurnosti.


Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Croatia

12 Concerns the EU Should Consider, Including Corruption, Organized Crime, Persecution of Media, Fraudulent Elections, and Depressed Economy

Will German Taxpayers Have to Bail out Croatia?

Open Letter Signed by Adriatic Institute's Senior Leadership:

Natasha Srdoc, Chairman, Adriatic Institute and Co-Chair, International Leaders Summit; Honorable Maurice McTigue, Co-Chairman, Adriatic Institute's Executive Advisory Board, Advisor to US Administrations, US Congress and US State Governors and New Zealand's Former Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament and Ambassador; Joel Anand Samy, Trustee, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy and Co-Chair, International Leaders Summit and Boris Divjak, Senior Fellow, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy and Founder and Board Member, Transparency International, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel Copied to Elected Leaders and Senior Government Officials in Europe and the United States


Margaret Thatcher

(October 13, 1925- April 8, 2013)



Brussels-based EUobserver: "EU warns Croatia on corruption, human trafficking"



But despite the headline cases, NGOs and international institutions say corruption remains deeply embedded in Croatian society.

Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy, from the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, a think tank in Rijeka, Croatia, in January described the Sanander conviction as a "pinprick" against a "colossal" problem.

Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based NGO, in December said graft cost Croatia €11.3 billion between 2001 to 2010, with almost zero of the money recovered.  (Full text)



Croatia's State-Run TV Highlights the Nation's $15.2 Billion in Illicit Financial Outflows Via Crime and Corruption and the Open Letter to the PM and Finance Minister





Tko će vratiti ukradenih $15.2 milijardi poreznim obveznicima - hrvatske ili strane vlasti?


Brussels-based indepdent media group EUobserver posts op-ed co-authored by Adriatic Institute's co-founders:

EU should stop funding Croatia's corrupt networks



Southeast European Times

Report: Global economic freedom at standstill

"The report finds excessive corruption and weakness in rule of law that slows progress in the region."



Nataša Srdoč iz Washingtona DC o 2013 Indexu ekonomske slobode za jugoistočnu Europu - objavljenog od strane Heritage Foundation i Wall Street Journal

Index.hr: "Indeks ekonomskih sloboda: Hrvatska na 78 mjestu, iznad nas "velesile" Gana, Mongolija i Crna Gora!"

Srdoč: Kolaps gospodarstva i mirovinskog sustava je neizbježan. 

Nataša Srdoč, predsjednica Adriatic instituta za javnu politiku kaže da je prvi korak u ekonomskom napretku i boljitku hrvatskih građana je da Hrvatska uspostavi nezavisno pravosuđe, vladavinu prava i zaštitu vlasničkih prava. 

"Mi govorimo o istim represivnim ocjenama Hrvatske u Indexu ekonomske slobode - vlasnička prava i vladavina prava, sloboda od korupcije, državne potrošnje i radne slobode čitavo desetljeće. Ulagači poštenih namjera zaobilaze Hrvatsku u širokom luku jer je očito da Hrvatska nema vladavinu prava, nezavisno pravosuđe i zaštitu vlasničkih prava koji su nephodni za tržišno gospodarstvo i ulaganja. Bez ulaganja nema novih radnih mjesta i hrvatska nezaposlenost može samo rasti", kaže Srdoč o objavljenim rezultatima dodajući da su osiromašeni hrvatski građani su pokradeni, opterećeni porezima iznad svojih mogućnosti i ne vide budućnost u ovakvoj Hrvatskoj. 

Kako je naglasila mladi opravdano napuštaju Hrvatsku, a kolaps gospodarstva i mirovinskog sustava je neizbježan.

Ambassador Terry Miller speaking at the Adriatic Institute and International Leaders Summit's Economic Roundtable, Zagreb, Croatia



The Sunday Times Spotlights Croatia's Backsliding on the Economic and Justice Fronts:

Brussels to spend £16m on PR as junk-status Croatia joins EU

Bojan Pancevski, Brussels
Published: 16 December 2012

Excerpts from the British-based Sunday Times' print edition:

The European Commission is planning to spend £16m on a public relations campaign to promote European enlargem

ent ahead of the entry next year of Croatia, a country with such serious economic problems that it could be forced to seek a bailout.

Croatia’s credit rating was downgraded to junk status last week after a deterioration in its economy attributed to a lack of reforms. This prompted fears that the Balkan country might require a bailout even before it joins the EU next July.

Youth unemployment is about 40% and foreign investment is deterred by rampant corruption, organised crime and weak rule of law.

Adriatic Institute's co-founder and chairman quoted:

“Instead of fixing Croatia’s glaring problems, Europe is spending taxpayers’ money on a whitewash," said Natasha Srdoc, of the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy think tank...

Full text:
Brussels to spend £16m on PR as junk-status Croatia joins EU


 Index.hr - Nataša Srdoč: Slučaj Hypo banke mogu riješiti samo strani stručnjaci

Celebrating the Milton Friedman Centennial

Happy Birthday Milton Friedman - Nobel laureate in economics!

What are people saying about the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy?

On the eve of launching Croatia's independent think tank in 2004: Natasha Srdoc, Co-Founder and Chairman, Adriatic Institute of Public Policy with Milton and Rose Friedman.


BBC Spotlights Criminal Montenegro -

Djukanovic, Cronies and the "First Family of Banking"

Fresh Data Confirms Croatia’s Failed Economic Policies

Call for Independent Investigations Focusing on Croatia's President Ivo Josipović
and Prosecutor Mladen Bajić



Croatia's Government Admits to "One Million Surplus" Voters in December 2011's Parliamentary Elections For a Nation of Four Million

Croatia's Rampant Electoral Fraud Should Raise Concerns in Western Capitals and within NATO and the EU Sending
Taxpayer Funds and Loans to Croatia

Foreign Affairs Magazine and Carnegie Endowment Highlight a Timely and Relevant Analysis: "Mafia States - Organized Crime Takes Office"


Photo: Courtesy Carnegie Endowment

Message from Natasha Srdoc, Co-Founder and Chairman, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy on "Mafia States"

New Video: Croatia - The Next Greece?


Bosnia Marks 20 Years - Beginning of its War: Natasha Srdoc, Chairman, Adriatic Institute - "The Significance of Economic Freedom - a precondition to Political Freedom"

Novi video: Nataša Srdoč, Predsjednica Adriatic instituta za javnu politiku predstavlja rezultate Indeksa ekonomske slobode za Bosnu i Hercegovinu za 2012. godinu objavljenog od strane Wall Street Journala i The Heritage Foundation.


Novi video: 2012 Indeks ekonomske slobode za Hrvatsku, Nataša Srdoč, Adriatic instituta za javnu politiku

Business New Europe: Croatia gears up for landmark graft case

Media Group - Business New Europe Quotes Natasha Srdoc:

"This case is a 'pin strike'..rather than an effective approach to tackle 'criminal Croatia's behemoth' and establish the rule of law and protection of property rights."


The Parlous State of Croatia’s Economy
The 10 Most Glaring Problems Facing Croatia

Novi Video

Zbog čega se građani Hrvatske odriču ekonomske slobode?

AI Chairman Natasha Srdoc and AI's Senior Leadership at Atlas Economic Research Foundation's Headquarters, Washington, DC, March 20, 2012

An Event on Croatia and the Balkan Region

From right: Atlas Economic Research Foundation's CEO Brad Lips and Adriatic Institute's senior leadership members, Natasha Srdoc, Co-Founder and Chairman, Boris Divjak, Distinguished Senior Fellow and Joel Anand Samy, Co-Founder and Trustee.

AI Chairman Natasha Srdoc: "Five Strategic Areas to Monitor in Croatia by Euro-Atlantic Institutions and Taxpayers"



Natasha Srdoc's Statement on the Attack of Montenegrin Journalist and Update on the Balkan Region's Weak Rule of Law, Assault on Individual Liberty and Media Freedom

Croatia: Corruption, Organized Crime and the Balkan Route

A Report by Katelyn Foster, Research Associate, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy

The Report: "This is demonstrative of the increasing number of women being trafficked through Croatia, as they are often misidentified as illegal immigrants if intercepted at the boarders. Perhaps more disturbing is the increased report of unaccompanied minors in Croatia that the IOM deemed often un-identified victims of human trafficking."




 Adriatic Institute for Public Policy and AECR - International Leaders Summit, June 2011, Opatija, Croatia: (From left) Sandy Luff, Director, Legislative Affairs, Office of US Senator Jeff Sessions, Joel Anand Samy, Trustee, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, US Senator Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member, US Senate Budget Committee, Natasha Srdoc, Chairman, Adriatic Institute, Maurice McTigue, Executive Advisory Board Member, Adriatic Institute, Ernest and Jan Taylor, Co-Founders, Awakening, Daniel Hannan, MEP, UK and Secretary General, Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists

Southeast European Times: Economic freedom retreats in Southeast Europe

Ekskluzivno: Hrvatska po indeksu ekonomskih sloboda gora od Mongolije




Adriatic Institute Chairman Nataša Srdoč Opposes the Avalanche of New Taxes Proposed by Croatia’s Finance Minister Slavko Linić, SDP - Croatia's former Communist Party




BBC on Croatia: "Democracy is suspect."

BBC Leads the Way in Raising Troubling Issues of Croatia's "Democratic Deficiencies" - Absence of an Independent Judiciary and Rampant Election Fraud: 917,323 illegal votes Determining Croatia's Election

Repeatedly Rigged Elections in Croatia and

The Lessons of Georgia's Revolution in 2003

Video: UK MEP Daniel Hannan on Political Arrest in Croatia

Speech Delivered in The European Parliament's Chamber


MEP Monica Macovei, Former Justice Minister, Romania: Independent Investigation for Aleksandar Saša Radović

Natasa Srdoc, President, Croatia 21st Century and Chairman Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, Honorable Edwin Meese III, US Attorney General, President Ronald Reagan's Administration, Monica Macovei, Member of the European Parliament and former Justice Minister, Romania, Joel Anand Samy, Co-Founder, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy


Croatia, the Next Greece

"Hence, the HDZ has branded her “an enemy of the state.” Nearly two dozen of her party’s members and supporters have been harassed and intimidated by HDZ and leftist officials. Recently, Aleksandar Radovic, a candidate for Croatia 21st Century and a well-known anti-corruption author, was arrested by government authorities. His crime: He had extensively documented the vast illicit wealth and corruption of Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko - a thug who uses the police as his personal henchmen. Mr. Radovic is rotting in jail, a political prisoner in a supposedly democratic country." 

Former British Ambassador Charles Crawford:

Croatia - fit for EU Membership?